About Me

I am a:
wife to my high school sweetheart :)
 30 year old mom to Lincoln {7} Caedmon {4} Dietrich {2} and currently fostering baby G.
sister to Hope and Trey
sister in law
Husker fan
Starbucks coffee drinker
coupon clipper
bargain hunter
nose wiper
diaper changer
christian fiction reader
laidback kinda gal
HGTV watcher
 work in progress (always)


Above ALL else I am a child of God, saved by His Grace alone.
Constantly striving to figure out this life and living fully for Him.

"The 'Linc' Between Us" was started while on was on bedrest in the hospital for 8 1/2 weeks before our little (he really was pretty little!) Lincoln was born.  We lived 4 hours away from all our family and I used this blog as a way to update everyone on what was going on and how we were all doing during that crazy, scary time.  I've kept it up after his birth and beyond, updating our lives and sharing parts of my heart as I feel brave enough :)  If you haven't guessed already the name of our blog is a play on Lincoln's name since he is one of the many links between my hubby and I.  I don't see myself as very creative, so coming up with the title to our blog on my own was quite the accomplishment on my part :)  Feel free to come along for the ride as we embark on our foster care journey!