Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Day in My New Life

So today is day 35 here in the hospital and last night we were able to attend our third out of four childbirth preparation classes. The nurses were teasing me as we stopped by the nurses station on our way down to the third floor for the class (Tyler needed to drop of his stash of food in the small fridge which by now is basically ours considering how often Tyler and Hope use it!) they were saying that by now I should know everything and could give the tours here to our classmates! It was also funny because out of the 7-9 nurses there I knew all but maybe 1 or 2!! You know you've been at the hospital for a long time when you are saying hi to all the nurses, hospitality workers or ultrasound tech's in the hallway as you pass them by! Even when I leave the 4th floor for sonograms or just to go for a "wheelchair walk" there is always someone who recognizes me. The staff here is so nice and I've already grown so attached to some of them! They all keep telling me day in and day out that they're all rooting for me and Lincoln! It's so encouraging to have that kind of support.

Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks! It's so exciting to check another week off and keep gaining ground. That means my water broke 5 weeks ago tomorrow morning. It's so crazy how our lives can change in a split second like ours did.

Right now I'm passing my time watching episodes of ALIAS (basically non-stop now because I'm hooked on them!) knitting a blanket for Lincoln (yes I do know how to knit, I just haven't done it in a long time!) reading the last book of Twilight, checking email and facebook, journaling, looking for items online such as cribs, strollers, carseats etc. and when it's cool enough outside I'll take a wheelchair ride around the outside of the building or just sit at the entrance and have people look at me like, "What is she doing sitting in the hospital wheelchair? She doesn't even look like a patient!"

Well that's about all I've got for now, keep praying for reactive NST's daily, no infections, that Lincoln passes his weekly BPP's, and for enough fluid for Lincoln's lungs to develop properly. We appreciate everyone praying for us. God is so good!

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  1. You are doing awesome! I love you more than you'll ever know. Wait. I just realized you do know that kind of love, you are a mom now. (way to go Lori, you made yourself tear up again)