Monday, June 22, 2009

Half Way Through This Marathon!

29 Weeks!
Hanging out at our new, but temporary, home
The guys
Us girls, we like to cuddle! :)
Thursday marked my half way mark! It's hard to believe I've been here 5+ weeks now. It's just hard for me to even comprehend the fact that I haven't been farther away from this hospital than the sidewalk outside of it and haven't walked more than just around my little room for THAT long! My hips remind me everyday, though, that I just NEED to walk! I've never wanted to just walk around so badly before. But I know that it's in my and Lincoln's best interest to just stay put for now. I'll have plenty of time to walk around after he's born.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night was really nice because Tyler and I had the evening to ourselves (not that we don't want visitors, that's not it at all, we just need so "us" time every so often). It was so good to be able to really catch up because I feel like we never see each other (even though he's here every evening). In some ways this whole situation has been quite the strain on our relationship but in other ways we're so much closer now and have connected in a way that we never have before.

Saturday was a really fun day. Jon and Charlene came down from NE for a short visit and Kaely, Chad, Daniel and Ashley joined us for a relaxing evening with pizza, hummus, DQ, playing Apples to Apples and watching Transformers. It was so great to have a somewhat "normal" evening. Pictures from above are from that evening.

Also that night, my crazy parents decided to leave after my mom got off of work at 9pm to drive down here really quick. They got in about 2:30am and did some painting in Lincoln's room on Sunday. They came up and hung out with me for awhile and then left Sunday evening to go back.

Then Sunday evening Hope came back from spending a weekend in Lincoln with Derek, and brought Kelsey with her! Kelsey is staying this week with us. It'll be so fun having her here, hopefully we don't bore her too much with our obviously "exciting" life right now! haha.

Today I had my weekly Biophysical Profile done and Lincoln did great again scoring 6 out of 8! I have less fluid this week, which is discouraging but nothing I can really do about that. The NST was also really good today, my nurse informed me afterward that it showed I had a couple of contractions, neither of which I felt. Hopefully those will stay away and we can make it 4 1/2 more weeks! The sonogram showed that Lincoln is still breech (surprise, surprise) and that he weighs approximately 2 lbs 8oz.

Last night I guess I must be getting bored with the everyday routine and wanted to make things interesting. My blood pressure has been creeping up but only at nights and last night it was really high and I started seeing stars and was getting a little dizzy. The laborist on call ordered bloodwork done in order to figure out if I was showing signs of preeclampsia or if it's just pregnancy hypertension. The bloodwork came back fine so right now I've apparently got hypertension. So they are monitoring my blood pressure a lot more often now. Pray that either it doesn't get any worse or that my blood pressure would go back to normal. The last thing we need is for it to get so bad that they have to deliver Lincoln just because of how much body is reacting!

Well I think that's all I've got for now! We'll just keep pressing on!


  1. I'm SO glad you had a fun evening with friends and also time alone with your husband. That is important and is extremely difficult to do when you live in the hospital. :-) I will be praying for your blood pressure issue. I am just elated that you have made it to 29 weeks!!!! Love you!

  2. Keep us posted. Love ya Mom

  3. Thanks for the continued updates! Your SO close to the end!!

  4. I found your blog throuh Julie's and wanted you to know that I am adding you to my prayer list. Take care