Friday, July 17, 2009

NICU pictures

Getting some quality mommy/son time. This was the first day back after being released from the hospital...I feel so free!!

I love how he positions himself when he sleeps........this one with one thoughtful finger up to his mouth.
Looking at momma :) He was wide awake the whole hour or so that I held him!
Another position picture.....One arm just dangling off the side!! Don't mind the blurriness my camera doesn't work so well w/o the flash.
Daddy and Lincoln time......Tyler is going to be an amazing Father!!
Another position picture........this one always makes me laugh.....he just likes to spread out and make himself comfy!!


  1. Just curious..are you pumping milk for him to be fed through his tubes?

  2. So precious! I was happy to see his pictures today.

  3. Is Lincoln still eating with the bottle well? Or did he realize he's not as old as he wanted to be? You all look great! Make sure you take time for YOU!

  4. Yes I am pumping and no he's not eating with the bottle well anymore, they have started finger feeding once a day and he's doing pretty well with that.