Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 more months....

Today was supposed to be Lincoln's last Physical Therapy appointment but after seeing him and looking at what he is doing and not doing yet, the PT wants to keep seeing him once a month for the next 3 months. I was a little discouraged because from everything we had heard so far Lincoln was right on track and was quickly catching up to his actual age developmentally. The PT checked his neck for the tightness from the Tortacolis and can still feel a little tightness (I thought from the last visit that she had said that it was gone so that was surprising to me), and she said she thought he should be able to sit on his own and he's not very close, his reflux, and the fact that he's still so tiny. I think all that combined and from how well Lincoln was doing at the last appointment the PT said she probably just expected him to be doing more. So that was VERY discouraging. I was doing so well at not worrying about his weight or things he's doing or not doing because I thought he was doing well but she made it seem like he's slipping backwards sorta. So anyways......all that to say that we have PT for 3 more months and she said that when we move to NE that she'll look up a place where Lincoln can get PT up there too.

The PT also made the comment that "I like to keep an eye on the preemie white boys." For those of you who don't know what that means, statistically they have found that out of all preemies white males do the worst developmentally. Like in the NICU when a nurse told me I had a lazy white boy, I was SOOO offended but then later realized what she meant. So I understand where she's coming from and I'm glad she cares enough to want to make sure Lincoln continues to do well.

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