Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drawn From Water

I found out about this orphanage named "Drawn From Water" on my friend's blog.  They are an organization that rescues "mingi" children.  Mingi-meaning cursed.  There are tribes in Africa that believe that these mingi children on their land curses the tribe so their solution is to drown the children.  There are different ways they define "cursed." This post from their blog on Feb. 20 gives an explanation of how these poor children are labeled as mingi. 

"There are three types of ways that a child can be deemed mingi.  The first and most common is the top teeth coming in before the bottom, that can be the first set of teeth or the adult teeth. The second is called girl mingi, and is when a child is born to a mother and father who are not married. The third is called woman mingi, and happens when a child is born to a mother and father who are married but did not announce to the tribes that they were planning to get pregnant before they became pregnant.  Any of these three happening will make a child mingi and thus by tribal law must be killed."

Click here to read more about their story and how it got started.  
They have a facebook page you can join to help spread word.

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