Thursday, May 6, 2010

Being Sick Is No Fun

Lincoln has been sick this whole week and I can really tell that it's starting to wear on him.  Actually it wasn't until today (day 3 after finding out he had a bad ear infection) that he finally started acting sick.  Until today he would play, play, play and laugh and smile and then every once in awhile he would fuss but hardly at all!

But today was a different story.....

Poor little guy would crawl up on my legs and do this and then snuggle with me in the rocking chair for SO long!  I loved all the cuddle time of course but feel so bad for this sick boy.  :(  He has slept so much today, basically waking up to drink some pedialyte every couple hours and then going back to sleep.  I hope the antiobiotics will start kicking in soon so he can get back to his normal ornery self :) 

Lincoln NEVER just lays on the floor like this.....a sure sign of feeling miserable.

I was this smiley little boy back :)

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