Tuesday, June 8, 2010

no pants to wear.

Hope's wedding is this Saturday.
I got fitted for my dress 3 weeks ago.
Had a minor adjustment made to it.
Got it back and didn't think I need to try it on.
Apparently big mistake. 
Tried it on just for fun tonight and it would NOT stay up!
BIG Problem.
Called Deanna at Dream Designs.
She told me the seamstress was leaving 
and to throw on a t-shirt over the dress and come in immediately.
I had just gotten out of the shower.
I looked like a wet dog.
I did what she said and threw on a t-shirt over the dress and ran out to the car.
I got there in great time and the seamstress did all her pinning.
(She took in almost 2 inches!  Yay for weightloss!)
Told me to take the dress off so she could take it with her to sew.
[insert blank look on my face here]
We all laughed.  
I was picturing myself running out of there to my car in just my t-shirt and newly bought spanx 
(they work wonders by the way)
Deanna came to my rescue once again and brought me a lavender dress from downstairs.  
Problem was fixed.  I went home....in a lavender dress.
Good thing I can laugh at myself.  
Only in a small town  :)

I treated my sister to a massage today (and I had to get one while she was, of course!).  We both had a great time and it was SO relaxing!  More wedding stuff tomorrow, mani's and pedi's on Thursday, decorating on Friday and the the BIG DAY! :)  I'm so happy for them.  They are perfect for each other.


  1. This is TOO funny! I laughed out loud.

  2. LOL! Sounds like something I would do. You should have taken a pic of the dress they gave you to wear home! :)