Monday, July 26, 2010

krazy kona

While we are so up in the air on housing stuff and whether or not we're going to have enough space to bring Kona with us or not, Tyler's parents have graciously offered to keep her on the farm until we can take her.  Lincoln got some great slobbery kisses from Kona on Saturday and loved watching her run around the house!

First an adorable picture of my little Linc man

Krazy Kona (she really misses Tyler!)

Linc trying to "play" with her

This is her kind of play, her running around while you watch her :) (she's out in the gravel drive way)

Playing on the porch

Squirt is such a little squirt and just waited by the door until someone would let him in....Lincoln loved "petting" him
Just thought I'd upload a couple pictures to let Tyler see how his "girl" is doing.  She's well taken care of honey, don't worry :)

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