Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Loving these weekends...

We are really starting to like the East Coast! Although I found out I'm not that great at driving out there!  My drive from Charlottesville to Gaithersburg was quite interesting.....lots of winding roads....LOTS of trees...and LOTS of highways intersecting = Marie ending up at the Metro Station instead of Craig and Allie's house....don't worry I eventually got there with Craig's help :)

Eating supper with Tyler Tuesday night on our way to Gaithersburg

Allie and I taking our babes for a walk (it was really windy)

Goin for a swim....Lincoln LOVES swimming but has NO fear so that scares mommy

Precious Elise getting ready to go shopping

Lincoln had fun "driving" the car while we were in the parking lot at the mall

He had so much fun "driving" that he was worn out!

I just thought this one was cute :)

Tyler, L and I were eating lunch at the restaurant in our hotel and Lincoln coaxed the hostess to give him two free bananas!

Smile hunny!

"Oh man!  My parents are so weird!"

At the National Zoo in D.C. - (Tyler makes this face quite often when I tell him to smile for a picture)

Lincoln slept the whole time we were there.  Thought he might want a picture of him there (in the future).  Elephant in the background and no Lincoln is not sweating, Tyler decided to run Lincoln through one of those mister thingys and Lincoln woke up screaming!  Nice one daddy :)

Dippin' Dots = LOVE

The hubs and I at the Zoo

Stocking up on snacks on the way back to the hotel

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