Friday, October 22, 2010

15 month stats

We just got back from Lincoln's 15 month check up and he is doing great!  I already knew that but it's always nice to have a dr. tell you that too!  Well at this appt., unlike the one last week for his ear infection, he had to get naked for them to weigh him so he actually weighs 19 lbs. 8oz. and his length is 30 1/2 in.!  Percentile-wise that puts him at the 1.57 percentile for weight and 26th percentile for length.  Then this dr. was able to adjust it to his "adjusted age" and he was great on percentiles for his adjusted age (if he were 13 months  and born full term instead of 15 months like he is now).  For weight on his adjusted age he is the 5th percentile and for length he is the 50th percentile!!!  I couldn't believe it when she said he was in the 50th percentile for length!  We have a normal number!!  She wasn't at all worried about his weight or anything.  She got a small glimpse as to just HOW BUSY he is and saw it as normal  that he wasn't gaining as much now that he is moving nonstop.

She checked him all out (since this was our first visit to this new Dr.) and referred us to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor since he is tongue-tied and we need to get that checked out and possible clipped so it doesn't disrupt any speech here in the near future.  She suggested NOT getting the flu shot for him which I was perfectly fine with and suggested we keep him backwards in his carseat at least until Christmas, to give him a little bit longer to get over that 20lbs mark! :)

After hearing all that happened in the pregnancy with Lincoln, she was just as amazed as I still am, at just how well he is doing!  She was floored that he was never on oxygen and never had ANY preemie problems.

 He did have to get one shot but he took it like a champ!  Did cry at all!  That's my tough boy!

She rechecked his ears and they are well on their way to clearing completely up from the ear infection, we've still got 3 more days of antibiotics so hopefully that'll take care of it.

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