Tuesday, November 30, 2010

little man

I bought this cute hat on sale at Gap last year and it still doesn't quite fit Lincoln real well yet but it's close enough that it looks cute at least in a picture!  He wore this outfit (minus the hat, I was lucky that he even kept it on long enough for these pictures!) to church last week.  I thought he looked adorable (I may be a bit partial) but Tyler thought he looked to "preppy."  Tyler finally agreed to letting him dress like this while he's little and then no more.  If you know Tyler, then you know how he dresses and it's the opposite of preppy :)

I got a Cannon Rebel this past summer and am still trying to figure it all out.  I spent a little while Sunday afternoon experimenting with it and this is what I got...

Opening up the wipes container for the 1000th time...

(this one is my fav.)

(this one was grainy but he's so cute I just HAD to include it!)


  1. Those are darling! He is SO CUTE. Oh my. Love the hat.

  2. The hat is adorable- your little guy- TOO CUTE for words. ;)

  3. "Too Preppy" Brings me back about 10 years to the good ole days of AHS!

  4. I was packing up clothes and found an old 3-6 month coat that STILL fits her. I had to laugh. At least it's an adorable coat that she only got to wear a handful of times. Our babies both have a serious case of the skinnies. I don't think she'll be forward facing for months. How am I supposed to buy on sale this year for next year when there's no pattern? (sigh) She's healthy so it all just makes me laugh.