Monday, November 1, 2010

a new skill

Lately it seems like Lincoln has been getting bored with eating.  He'll do great for about 5 minutes and then be done.  I've found that by starting to use spoons and forks he's eating more and from these pictures, is having more fun doing it!  I started with a fork (a plastic, little one) and would get some food on it, hand it to him and let him feed himself with it.  He doesn't quite get how to poke the food with it yet but he loves feeding himself with it!  So since that was going pretty well I decided I would finally give in and be brave by giving him a spoon and letting him at it.  I knew it would be messy so I figured I'd give him some of his cereal but thicken it up a little more so it wouldn't be "as" messy.  Here are the pictures from our first morning of Lincoln using the spoon!

He thought it was easier to turn the spoon upside down to get all the food off of kid, I do that sometimes too :)
Diggin' in!
"Heck with the spoon, using my hand is so much easier!"
"See mom, I get more in my mouth this way!"
"Ok, fine I'll use the spoon..."

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