Saturday, November 6, 2010

trick or treat {a little late}

So I just now realized that I never "blogged" about Halloween.  We have a new small group that we've joined from church that meets late Sunday afternoon and so we brought snacks and appetizers for a yummy supper, got the kiddos dressed up in their costumes and the dad's went trick or treating with the kids and us mom's stayed at the house to hand out candy.  (ok, so I wanted to experience Lincoln's first time trick or treating so I took him to the first 3 houses or so and took pictures :)

I see a sock monkey but where's Lincoln?

There he is!

Sock Monkey and the Statue of Liberty

Sock Monkey and his mommy

Lincoln had a BLAST trick or treating....even though he had no idea what was going on, he loved watching all the other kids running from house to house

All the kiddos in their costumes

Some of the kids running through the neighborhood

The Blood-Shot Eyeballs I made for a snack for our group....Tyler's Aunt Marta gave me this awesome idea and I think they turned out pretty good!
Sadly, Lincoln's parents didn't let him have any candy.  He didn't really show too much interest in it so we didn't really bother and he was already hyper enough that he didn't need any extra sugar!  I know, we're no fun, huh? :)

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