Sunday, November 14, 2010

An update from the Linc man

Hey everyone, it's Lincoln.  Mommy hasn't been feeling very well so I'm going to tell you all a little about all the time I've had with Daddy lately. 

When Daddy reads me books I like to sit on his chest right in front of his face. 

For some reason Daddy scoots me over to the side, he says something like he needs to see the book in order to read, sheesh.  Oh and my favorite thing to wear is just my diaper and my sock and shoes.  I bring my shoes to mommy after she takes them off and hold them in front of her face until she puts them on for me. 

I got a little distracted by daddy's eye and decided it was more fun to pick on him

Notice that bump on my head?  I had a little too much milk to drink the other night and couldn't walk straight.  The corner of the wall just jumped out right in front of me! 

I got to play in the back of Daddy's truck after he got home from work the other day

I could've played out there for hours

I like to walk with my arms outstretched like this when I want you to pick me up......I know how to get what I want :)

Daddy you need to put your mouth like this to make a funny face

I sure do love spending time with my Dad!
Some other updates about our family (well mostly about me because that's who most people care about anyway, right?)
-We keep going to this same place called Rockpoint Church every Sunday morning.  I really like it because I get to hang out with the pretty ladies and other little kids and play with toys, hear a story from this thing called the Bible and make crafts!  I don't know where mommy and daddy go while I'm there but I know they always come back and get me.  I hear people singing, so maybe they go and sing and maybe they also hear about the Bible and make crafts.  :)

-I've made some really cool friends.  There are these boys that we get to see quite a bit that I LOVE to hang out with.  They can do really cool things like run, wrestle, jump, tackle each other and play games like kick ball.  I try to keep up with them but I'm just a little too slow still.  I'm working on it though.  Then there are a couple really cute girls who give me lots of attention.  I like it that they carry me everywhere to keep up with everyone else and play with me!

-I got to have my first ever SUCKER!  The Dr. gave it to me after he checked my tongue.  He said it looks fine and that I did a good job so I got a treat.  It was the best sucker ever.  I made a mess and drooled all over but I don't care, it was SO worth it! 

- My ear hurt really bad for a couple days but don't worry, mommy took me to the Dr. and then she gave me this yummy stuff to drink everyday and it was like magic!  My ear stopped hurting!

Well I'm getting sleepy and mommy keeps saying something about me going down for a nap so I guess that's all I have time for, for now.  goodnight!


  1. aw, thanks for the update are a gonna be a little heartbreaker!

  2. you are an amazing recaller of events, Lincoln! :) Sure love spending time with you and your parents!