Monday, December 13, 2010

finger painting fun!

Last week we were finally able to do the finger painting project that I had seen at "No Time for Flash Cards" for a baby's first Christmas but I figured even though it's Lincoln's second Christmas, in a lot of ways it feels like it's his first, just because he's so much more aware of what's going on.  This was his first try at finger painting and I think it went pretty well!  He was a little unsure at first, of what it was and why his hands were all green but he quickly got used to the idea and started clapping (which sprayed the painting everywhere!) and having fun with it.

For our project, first you start by cutting out a side of a paper bag (or use any kind of heavy paper)

Draw a Christmas tree on the paper bag and tape it to the table (I used NTFFC's idea and taped it sideways so he could reach most of it) and some green finger paint.

Here is another view of the taped Christmas tree all ready to go!

I started by just putting a glob of paint in the middle and watched to see what Lincoln would do....

....and he knew EXACTLY what to do with it, you just make a mess right? 

After a little while of painting I think he finally realized something weird was on his hands and so he inspected them...

...and what better thing to do with paint all over you hands, then CLAP!

The happy artist with his masterpiece! (I helped him get all the spots on the tree covered but he did a pretty good job on his own!)

When he was done making a mess.....right to the bath tub he went! He thought that was great....two fun things right in a row?!

Waiting for the paint to didn't take too long.
I didn't get a picture of us doing it but then I traced his painted clean hand onto red and yellow paper, cut out the hands and glued them to the tree!

Here is our his finished project!  He didn't get the privilege of holding the tree for very long, as you can see the star was being ripped off as I took the picture!

Now it hangs beautifully on our fridge!  His first artwork to hang on the fridge....*tear*...he's just growing up so fast.

I also let Lincoln try to color on the hand ornaments and he did a little but you can't really tell a whole lot.  Not sure who had more fun doing this project Lincoln or mommy! :)

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