Wednesday, January 26, 2011

18 month check-up

So we're a little behind on getting Lincoln's 18 month check-up (3 weeks at least) but maybe it was good that I was behind on getting it scheduled because it gave Lincman a chance to gain some weight! :)
His stats at 18 months are:
21 lbs 3oz (we know full well that each ounce counts!) 3rd percentile
30 in. tall - also 3rd percentile

At first the Dr., after seeing his percentile marks, was starting to seem concerned and then when I flat out asked her about it she went back to his other charts and was reminded that he was a preemie and then was more at ease and said that he's normal.  She apologized that she didn't remember that he was a preemie but said to take that as a good sign because he's doing so well developmentally that she completely wrote off the fact that he was a preemie.  I guess I'll take that as a good thing and not that my doctor is forgetful!  :)  I have to give her credit though because Lincoln has only seen her twice since we've moved here, so she wasn't around for all his "history."  So to her he's just this boy who is a little on the "small side."  I kinda like it because then she sees him like a "term baby" and doesn't have a pre-conceive idea about his development etc.  Does that make sense?  As I'm writing this I'm not sure it's making any sense or if I'm just babbling. 

I was really anxious/nervous about this check up, for a couple reasons.  Lincoln's appetite has decreased a LOT for the last month or 2 and it's made me pretty worried, he's been very off balance and falling just while walking/running a lot, has had a cold for quite awhile and then I was told that he might have a milk or other allergy because of the puffiness under his eyes (which he's always had for some reason) and he isn't talking very much, says about 10 words, and as much as I try not to compare him to other kiddos his age, I'm still a mom and human and it happens.  So all I could think about was that he has a horrible ear infection (which is treatable and we move one), he's got an aversion to food, he won't talk, and now the one thing that gives him calories (milk) he's allergic to it.  So those were the thoughts running through my head as I'm walking up to the clinic. 

So here is what the Doctor had to say about it all.  She gave me some reading about how from ages 1-2 most kiddos go through a "catch-down growth."  Meaning that they eat less because they aren't growing as much (see his height and weight from above, haha) and from ages 1-2 most kids only gain 3-5 lbs.  He gained 2 in the first half of his second year so that's just right.  I asked about giving him a supplement like pediasure but she thinks as long as he's getting variety of foods, even though he's not eating much of it, he doesn't need the pediasure (thank goodness!). 

Then she checked his ears......they are perfect!  No infection, which kind of made me worry more about his imbalance.  She said not to worry about that because he's probably just wanting to go fast than his little legs can take him and it makes him fall.  phew.

The puffiness under his eyes?  She really doubted that it was a milk allergy.  She thought it could be a slight possiblity that he is allergic to something in the air but since he has no other symptoms, most likely it's just a characteristic of his.  Sorry buddy!  Maybe we'll have to get some cucumbers to put on your eyes! hehe

The not talking much part?  She said at this point as long as he can say 10 words or so (which he can) then that's normal.  She also confirmed what I had heard that boys are slower with language than girls are and that fine motor skills come quicker for boys...which he has really great fine motor skills.  Another sigh of relief.

So all my fears were calmed and the Lincman is doing perfectly fine.  He's just "petite" according to the doctor :) 
The "spaghetti man!"

playing with stickers for the first time without putting them in his mouth!
 [his shirt is so long that it looks like he's wearing a dress, oh and of course we had to leave the shoes on!]

 Putting them on his cheeks

 love those lashes

I love this little shy grin of
He did have to get one shot to get caught up but no more shots until he's 2, yay for a break!  Although, him turning 2 seems like it's just around the corner!  Wow, how can life be getting even faster and faster?! 

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