Friday, February 11, 2011

we are so excited!

Aunt Hope and Uncle Derek are coming to visit us!  They are on their way now and we'll go pick them up at the airport in T-minus 2 hours!  Aunt Hope has been on me to get Lincoln to learn her name since he was probably 6 months old and before Christmas she was REALLY wanting him to say her name so I opted to have a "sign" for her name so he could at least recongnize and put her together with the sign.  Her "sign" is what I would call and backwords "talking on the phone sign."  You know the one, when you can't yell at someone across the room but want them to know you'll call them later?  You make a "hang loose" thing with your fingers and put your thumb to your ear and your pinky to your mouth.  Well......when we were growing up, Hope couldn't figure out how to do this for some reason.  So she would make an "L with her index finger and thumb and put her index finger to her ear and her thumb to her mouth.  (Does that makes sense?)  And that was how she "talked" on the phone.  So Tyler thought that would be a perfect "sign" for Hope's name! :)  Lincoln caught on quick and now everytime we says Hope's name he puts his finger to her ear.  She was less than amused to say the least! Ha!

Oh and to make things worse for her.....Lincoln can now say Derek's name.  Still no Hope.  Maybe after this weekend he'll get it down.  Poor Hope.

 We just love them!  Here are a few pictures from their wedding this past June.

Oh and am I completely crazy for contemplating driving an extra 15 minutes to Sonic on my way to the airport to get them?  Let me explain why.  First, I LOVE vanilla Dr. Peppers from there.  Second, there is only ONE, say it again ONE, Sonic in our whole city and it's almost 40 minutes away from us.  So by driving to the airport I'm already halfway there so I might as well go the rest of the way, right? :) Did I mention how much I LOVE Vanilla Dr. Pepper? and how much I miss living 2 minutes from one?

REALLY wanting one now....ok, decision made.


  1. poor Hope! :) at least Tyler didn't teach him to do an L on his forehead!

  2. hope you are enjoying the weekend with your sis!!!:)