Tuesday, February 15, 2011

we had a blast!

This past weekend we were lucky enough to get to spend 4 days with my awesome sis and her new hubby, Derek.  I miss my sister so much and was so excited to get the chance to hang out with her all weekend.  Now that we live 10+ hours apart the time between seeing each other gets longer and longer.  We have always been really close and so to go so long without seeing her is hard.  She "gets" me.  We are so much alike in so many ways, even down to the clothes we buy [when we're shopping separately, even!]  I'm praying that maybe someday we will live in closer to them, maybe even in the same city.  That would be fabulous!  Until then, we'll expect a visit from them every time Southwest has awesome sales! :) 

Lincman in Uncle Derek's shoes
[notice the stash of special k cereal in the background?  Yes I stockpile.]

My silly hubby.  Oh how I love him.

Lincoln loved cuddling with Aunt Hope

Getting all bundled up to go Tobagganing

Yep, we "tobagganed" down that hill

Carrying your own tobaggan up all those stairs is a lot harder than you might think...
there are 124 steps fyi, not like I was counting or anything.  Not like I'm out of shape or anything [I think I need to get back to my morning workouts with Jillian]

Tyler and Lincoln waiting while Hope and Derek were climbing all those stairs....Lincoln is eyeing all that snow and wishing he could go jump in it

Such a great couple, posing in front of the hill

My little family, all nervous thinking about that steep drop [or probably just me]

Hope, choosing her Tobaggan [see how big those are?! They had to weigh at least 100lbs, well at least it felt like it!]

She's thinking about backing out. 

I have to carry this where? how far?

This is her, "what? I'm not nervous!" laugh.

he did not want to be held, he didn't care how cold it was, he wanted to jump in the snow!
[notice the snow covered glove?]

my snuggle bug

There they go!

Warming up a bit, in the lodge while mommy and daddy climbed all those stairs!
[Lincoln really warmed up to Derek while they were here, and wanted to be with him all the time!]

and there we go!  I think I was screaming at this point

notice how Tyler is looking at the camera?  I'm still recovering from my stomach lurking into my throat to look

Lincoln woke up from his nap and joined our scrabble game

love these guys!

he's a pro...he beat us all

I love this picture of Hope and Lincoln

this cracks me up.

 love this pic of Tyler and Lincoln in front of Lake Erie

Lake Erie poses

Hope makes some funny faces :)

She made me stand on the bench of the picnic table so she would be taller

We've been here 6 months and this is our first picture in front of Lake Erie

 All of us after church

 Lincoln and Lucas decided they wanted to "help" push one of the carts out to the storage trailer.
They actually pushed it all the way down the hall, it was so cute! 
[of course they had help from the Anthony boys]

We took Lincoln to Playground World on Monday....he loved playing in this house.  
It even had a doorbell! 

Aunt Hope got the privilege of going down the slides with Lincman
We had such a fun weekend!  You guys better come visit again soon, ya hear?  Oh and this post is to try and convince all our friends to come visit us (wink, wink!)  We'll take ya tobagganing, as long as you come before it gets warm out! :)  We promise!


  1. looks like you guys had a blast! where was that tobogganing place, it looks awesome!?!?