Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 on 10 {march}

Ok so I'm trying out this 10 on 10 thing.  I just saw it posted on AshleyAnn's blog last night and thought it'd be fun to try.  So I gave it a whirl and it was SO fun!  I might have gotten a little too caught up in a fun crafternoon (get it? crafting in the afternoon, oh I am just too much sometimes) with a friend and might've forgotten to take pictures of a couple hours but I caught up once I got home!

Our day started around 8-ish with breakfast and reading a chapter in Proverbs.  We've started reading a chapter a day at breakfast - got the idea from my friend Julie :)

Then I got ready after convincing Lincoln that he didn't need to be held while I got ready....he eventually agreed and decided to read some books at my feet. 

Lincoln is actually starting to become a really good helper with things instead of being a good "helper" :)  Here he helped me unload the dishwasher from last night's dirty dishes.

We gathered up all the toys, coloring books, stickers etc that we are sending to our precious boy we sponsor in Africa and got it all boxed up to send to him! 

Lunch that included these delicious Strawberries. 

Time to satisfy my addiction (most days it's Dr. Pepper)

Before leaving to go see Jackson!  
Lincoln was so excited, he learned to say Jackson's name this morning!

Got my craft on with my friend, Meg and we embellished some of our boring shirts (and made a camera strap of both of these finished to come soon!)

 This is where my (oops got to caught up in crafting!) happened.  
My happy, mustard flats came in the mail today!  
Hurry up warm weather, these babies want to be worn!
Lincoln in his usual shoes....these are his favorite, yes one of each.  
He wears then pretty much all the time when we're at home.

I'm linking up over at "a bit of sunshine" for her 10 on 10 link up party!  You should join us next month!  I had lots of fun doing this today, even though my hubby makes fun of me for doing stuff like this (ok not really but he laughs every time I tell him about things like this)

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  1. i love these photos. What a great day you had! And those shoes? Yeah. Break them out now. They're way too cute to let hide away until the sun comes out.

  2. Where are those flats from? They are divine!

    I'm a Dr. Pepper fan, too.

  3. love your set - and yes the shoes are incredible I love!!! thanks for joining in this month!

  4. Kimberly - I got the flats from Target online, I haven't seen them in stores yet...I LOVE them! :)

  5. what a FUN idea, i'm loving the "10 on 10" thing! hope you guys had a good week!

  6. fun fun fun! I love those flats. LOVE.

  7. Visiting from 10 on 10...great pictures! Your son is so cute! And, I have a Diet Coke & Diet Dr Pepper obsession as well! I LOVE those flats. LOVE to order them NOW! :)

  8. So fun to mix match shoes isn't it? Mine do that too. The chapter a day idea is wonderful!