Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cough....cough....throw up on the doctor

 sick, sick, sick

(yes Lincoln coughed so much he threw up on the doctor this morning....and I lost count how many times after that he threw up....)

my baby is peacefully sleeping after a tough morning at the doctor and I'm sitting here waiting for a phone call from the doctor to tell me the results of his chest x-ray.  Please no pneumonia.  He's on (from what I gathered) one of the highest antiobiotics right now.  It's what they use to treat meningitis (which he doesn't have, so don't freak out).  But I have all these thoughts going through my head.....

.....he's not responding to any antiobiotics yet
.....what do we do if these shots don't work?
.....what if he doesn't get better?
.....what if....
.....what if....

and the list goes on and on.  I'm just being real.  I know my son isn't THAT sick and I know he's going to get better but it's a thought that goes through every mom's mind when her child is laying lethargic in your arms.  I'm brought back to when he was just born and so tiny and helpless.  And I felt so helpless myself because there wasn't anything I could do for him.  And then it's all brought around full circle and I just have to give it all to God.  God's always in control. Period.  That's all, I just needed to get all that out of me and now I can just let go and let God do His thang. :)

Lincoln has pneumonia in his left lung.  So far he is fine here at home, no hospitalization needed.  He got a shot of antibiotics this morning and just doing breathing treatments every 4 hours through the night and then we'll go back to the Dr. in the morning before she leaves town to see what she thinks.  Please pray for a quick recovery!  

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  1. Did they screen for RSV??

    We have snot & coughs here too. Some coughing & puking too. Wish mine would do it on the doctor instead of me & my carpet (curdled milk puke is so horrible!)

  2. My doc said she doesn't screen for RSV as much anymore because they treat it the same as bronchitis. So it very well could be RSV. I agree, curdled milk puke is disgusting!

  3. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon. I don't want to freak you out, but it kind of sounds like how Ronan was when he had pneumonia. We had to take him to the hospital, but after some breathing treatments and meds he was back to normal in like 2 days.

  4. Praying! No matter how severe things are, a sick baby is always scary for mom and dad. Please keep us updated!

  5. oh, i'm so sorry little linc man that you don't feel well :( get better little guy!