Thursday, March 31, 2011

{embrace} the camera and the giveaway winner!

And the winner of the Sammy Jayne's Headband is.............
Katie from "In This Moment!"  See her beautiful triplets?  Aren't they
just adorable?! :)  Katie email me so I can give ya the deets about getting your headband!  Congrats!

Stick around because I have another giveaway coming up next week! 


And now I'm linking up again with Emily for {embrace} the camera!  This week we're embracing the lovely snow that we had yesterday.  Doesn't the snow know that it's Spring and it's not welcome anymore?  Anyway, we thought we'd make the best of it and Lincoln of course LOVED trying to catch the big snowflakes.  We were at the ENT yesterday and Lincoln was looking out the window while we were waiting for the doc and all he kept saying was "caw (car)!" and "no! (snow)!"  I couldn't believe it was really snowing again!  Spring we are anxiously awaiting your arrival and hopefully this will be the last "embrace the camera Thursday" that we are embracing the snow :)

Oh my boy, I just can't get enough of you

 We had just gotten back from finishing our taxes (phew!) so glad those are done!
And you can't see but I had on flats with no socks because earlier that day it wasn't THAT cold and I'm just so wanting to wear all my cute flats that I did, and my feet froze.....oh well :)

We were pretty busy all day but the time we did have at home was spent having a little dance party inside instead of playing outside like we did last week, come back warm weather!

Sorry for the grainy pictures but I had to post them, we were having a blast!

So, we decided after yesterdays ENT appointment that we're gonna go ahead with tubes and even do a couple visits with a Chiropractor (I happen to know a great one :)  Hoping those two combined will solve all these issues.  

Head on over to Emily's blog and check out her embrace the camera photo today!  It's her with her newest daughter and she is just presh.  Oh my, yep I cried with I saw that picture.  

AND I'm super excited for this afternoon, I get to watch a certain little boy!  ;) ;)  AND to top it off he lives right next to a sonic, this momma couldn't have a better day!  Toodles!


  1. LoL........don't ya just LOVE Sonic?!?!?!?!?! Jarrod knows it my fave and we don't have one in Decatur :-(, only in Springfield. We've gotten it after church a couple times)I hope this becomes a normal thing) and he gets it when he knows I need a treat. I think I have decided I love it so much b/c of the tots and cherry limeade. We should get together and do some research on that topic. :-)

  2. Sarah - We're gonna have to get us some Sonic when we're both back for Easter :) Back when we lived in Wichita, our house was less than 2 minutes from a Sonic and I got addicted to their happy hour drink (specifically Vanilla Dr. Pepper) and their cheddar bites. Oh. emm. G. Delish. But here they don't sell the cheddar bites(crazy! I know!)

  3. Ahh, snow. I don't really miss it although it sure does look gorgeous in your pics!

  4. Way to have a positive outlook on snow in the spring!!!! yuck ;)
    Your little boy is so gosh darn cute.
    L-O-V-E your dance party photos :)
    Adorable... as always :)

  5. SNOW!!! yucky!! looks like you guys had alot of fun dancing away at your house! :) lincoln is blessed with such a good mommy!!! :)

  6. We LOVE dance parties. Both of my littles got tubes and it made a huge difference for both.

  7. I would have let my feet freeze for cute flats too! Lol Great pictures, noticed on your sidebar you are reading "power of a praying wife". Such a wonderful book! Enjoy :)