Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hummus beard

Hummus anyone?  I've always known that hummus is one of Lincoln's favorite things to eat but until recently I didn't realize just HOW MUCH he likes it!  Getting this kid to eat much is pretty hard these days.  I'm finding ways to be sneaky about getting things he doesn't like into his other foods.  If I'm feeding something to him with the spoon he'll thoroughly inspect it by crossing his eyes to look down at it with his lips tightly pursed, then give me a look like, "try it, I dare ya but I'm not budging."  He's starting to get pickier and pickier....no my gusta.

I've been wanting to try making my own hummus for quite awhile now and finally had all the ingredients bought AND had the desire to try it (a lot of times those two things don't coordinate with each other).  It's so stinkin' easy!  Next time I'll tweak it a little (didn't like too much of a tahini taste) but overall turned out pretty darn good!  I judged that by how much Lincoln ate of it.....and he ate a LOT.  I started out by dipping a carrot in it for him and then letting him suck it off the carrot and then just put a bunch in a bowl and let him go at it with a spoon.  He made a huge mess but ate quite a bit! 

Don't mind the bed-head, it was a pajama day (or for him "no clothes" day) :)

those big, red, full lips

Like the hummus beard?

messy, messy

normally the other foot has a bright red croc sandal on it....everday....without fail he brings me one of each and wants to wear them the rest of the day!  I can even hide them and somehow he finds them! 
I had such a confidence booster as a mom yesterday.....NOT.

Lincoln is getting WAY too comfortable with the stairs and will walk up to them and usually stop and just stand there and eventually when he wants to go down, he'll turn around and scoot down them backwards.  Well yesterday he started out backwards and I was below him, just in case and good thing I was because when I looked away for one second he had turned around and decided to step off of them forwards. He fell 3 steps before I caught him.  A little scratch on his head was all he got, THANK the LORD!  Talk about giving me a heart attack.  He is no longer allowed to do steps, for a long time, maybe not until he's 10.  I will carry him until I can't anymore.  Sound a little outrageous?  Oh man.

Then to top it off, I must've lost my brain when that happened because for supper I had made this cheesy spinach casserole, we've never had it and I was eager to try it.  It was all done right when Tyler got home from work (yay me for getting supper done on time!  I was so proud!)  I think I was a little distracted because I took it out of the oven and set it on top of the stove.  Well I had forgotten to turn the burner off.  Fast forward about 10 minutes, thankfully we were in another room because the casserole dish exploded!!!  Glass everywhere.  Supper ruined.  Where is my brain?!  Holy Toledo.  That took awhile to clean up.  Thankfully Arby's came to the rescue with supper :)

Anyways, I found my brain and nothing like that is going to happen today! 

On a random side note, I'm in the process of planning a trip with Lincoln next week to visit my friend, Allie in Maryland!  It'll be so fun!  I love that I can just drive to go see her :)


  1. haha, love the beard! bet he's had *lovely* diapers lately :)

  2. the hummus plus his new antibiotics are making for LOTS of interesting diapers lately....

  3. i did the same thing with a beautiful, made-from-scratch carrot cake about 2 months ago! ruined the cake and the pan. BOO!

  4. i can't wait to try the hummus this weekend for an engagement party we are going to :)