Wednesday, April 13, 2011

here, there and everywhere!

Another normal day around here.....getting ready to head out to see a sweet little 9 month old boy, get me a vanilla Dr. Pepper on the way home, run a few errands, wipe Lincoln's constantly running nose, clean and start getting our spare bedroom liveable before next Tuesday when we have our first visit for our homestudy!  Then tonight we have yet another night class with Children's Services towards becoming foster/adoptive parents and I may or may not make supper somewhere inbetween....if not Chipotle can come to the rescue yet again! haha.

Well that's all I've got time for, for now......

Oh one more thing....I am totally addicted to Pinterest.  Don't know what it is?  Go check it out, it's a great way to organize bookmarks!  I LURVE it! :)  Happy Pinning!

See ya'll tomorrow for {embrace} the camera!

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  1. ahhh...Pinterest!! I see you found my boards. Totally in love with that site.