Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"washing" carrots for mommy

Colossians 3:23
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men"
{even washing carrots?!}

Last Friday my little guy woke up from his nap, in quite the funk.  He couldn't snap out of his "crabbiness state" and just wanted me to hold him for a really long time.  Which usually is fine and I soak in every moment of him wanting to cuddle with me (because those times are few and far between!) but this particular day his nap went really late and I was in the middle of making Chicken Noodle Soup for supper (hubby's favorite!) and needed to chop the rest of the veggies so they could get cookin'.  I tried putting him in his high chair to color or eat a snack but he would start screaming so I decided to have him "help me wash the carrots."  I had an extra bag of carrots that had started to dry out and wasn't going to use them so I pulled up a chair next to me at the sink, filled it full of water and bubbles and let me have a go at it.  He was so excited!  He would pick up the carrots one by one and drop them into the sink and "wash" them.  This kept him busy and HAPPY for over 45 minutes!  Even though it was pointless to wash the carrots, he did it, like it was his job. :) I got my soup done and then we started "washing" other things.  Needless to say, he was sopping wet by the end of it and I had quite the mess of water to clean up but it was SO worth it!

This is his fake frown he's started making now

I just love that lower lip sticking out when he points at things

"OOHhhhhh bubbles!!"

Wash those carrots!!
{fyi - no bubbly-squeaky clean carrots were consumed during this play time}

I took a video at the end because he was just having so much fun!

Oh and GUESS WHAT?!!! My blog was just added to the "Faith Blogs" website!  Click over to "blogs" and we are listed under "adoption," "crafts and design" and "faith and family!"  I'm so honored to have been picked to be listed on their site!  Check out all the other blogs that are listed, lots of amazing families out there sharing their stories! 


Check back soon for another giveaway!  Possibly today if I can get it posted!! 


  1. sooo cute! that's our kind of fun! he'd love sitting in the bath tub with a trickle of water and a bunch of potatoes and a scrub brush! does tyler like potato soup? :)

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog for Emily's giveaway! oh my goodness! you are so adorable and your creations are lovely.
    i see that you are hoping to adopt! my hubby and i brought home our daughter from china 2 years ago. that whole thing is captured on my personal blog That is not a promo for my blog...I ignore it often:) I just wanted to let you know:)