Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{embrace} the camera - may 12

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While we were in NE for Easter, Lincoln was totally in love with the farm.  Tyler and I both grew up on farms and Tyler's parents still live on the farm.  Lincoln had all this space to roam around and explore.  He was amazed at how big all the tractors and trucks were.  It was so fun to watch him discover.  While growing up I always hated the fact that we lived out in the country and all my friends lived "in town" (a village of 300, does that count as a town?) :) I promised myself I would NOT marry a farmer and by marrying Tyler I very well could've married a farmer but he chose a different path.  It wouldn't have been horrible like I always thought growing up, but I'm very thankful I live 2 minutes from a Target :)  Looking back though, I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow up on the farm and I'm thankful that Lincoln gets to experience a little of it too.  

Driving the tractor already!

"look at all these fun toys, mommy!"

sitting on the mower eating the chocolate from his Easter egg hunt

Isn't this old Coca-Cola vending machine sweet?!

Tyler's Grandpa found some pretty great ways to store supplies!  Love it!

....and old bread pans made into drawers! 

 My little boy, looks even littler next to the grain bins

family photo op in front of the tractor

Good thing we're headed back again to visit this weekend!  Yes we are crazy to drive 16 hours both ways twice within 3 weeks.  My little brother is graduating from high school.  Figured we should probably make an appearance :)  {Trey, your party better be worth it!} j/k Love ya Trey!


  1. He and I were both amazed. lol. HUGE WHEELS!

  2. I love all the farm pictures! Especially the coke machine, how cool is that!

  3. oh my goodness, i LOVE the one of lincoln on the mower! have a great weekend with your family, drive safe!

  4. love that mason jar storage!

  5. these are such fun pictures! What kind of camera do you use? I could eat your little man up!

  6. Wow! You got some awesome pictures!! Cute family!

  7. Those are some great pictures! Love the one of him driving the tractor!