Monday, May 16, 2011

our crazy weekend recap

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So we left Thursday evening to drive overnight to NE for my "little" brother's high school graduation.  Yes he's younger but he's not really little anymore.  I can't believe he's a high school graduate now and headed off to Nashville for school next year.  My little brother is all grown up (tear).  We celebrated with a reception on Saturday night and wow that was a very tiring day.  (Trey, you are welcome for all my hard work, no need to thank me) :)  It was great to see lots of family and friends at his party.  Too bad the weather didn't cooperate and was such a drastic change from the 99 degree weather they had had the week before.  The windy 40 degree weekend was a little surprise for me but thankfully I had packed enough warmer clothes for us all.

Lincoln had a BLAST at the party.  There were so many people there and he just ran around saying "hi" to everyone while waiting for a chance to escape out the front door (which happened twice.....oh my lanta. that's how you makes your momma's heart stop dead in it's tracks)  But you were caught both times thankfully :)

I got the chance to chat a little with some friends and family who have/are doing foster care/foster to adopt and tell them a little about our process right now.  Since we're having a hard time deciding on a name for your new brother, lots of ladies were happy to give us a long list to go off of :)  I think we're getting closer to agreeing on a name.....well hopefully.  {more on that and an update towards the end of this post}

So on Sunday we went to Trey's Commencement Ceremony and Lincoln had a hard time staying quiet.  Apparently he has gotten his dogs and cow sounds mixed up and every time he sees a dog he says, "MOOOOO.." and low and behold there of course is a huge Husky painted on the wall of the gym and Lincoln kept "mooo-ing" the whole time during the ceremony.  Daddy was happy to take you out to the commons area and run around (because it got him out of sitting through a boring ceremony too!)

Later on that day Lincoln also "moo-ed" at his uncle Derek and we finally figured out that it was because Derek had a husky on his shirt.  Oh boy, I've got some work to do!

We left after a fun-filled weekend, last night at 8pm and drove through the night.  It was a little easier this time because we actually had another driver with us!  Tyler's sister, Kelsey's boyfriend (got that?) grew up an hour from where we live now and asked if he could bum a ride with us back last night.  We were happy to have him along!  Lincoln still did "ok" and slept maybe half the night but at least he was happy for most the time.

We got home about 11:30 this morning and Tyler and Lincoln ate (pulled pork sandwiches and cheesy potatoes, we've got about a months supply from leftovers from the party so hope we don't get sick of it!) and went right to sleep.  I slept on and off all afternoon but both of them slept until 6:45 tonight!  I had to go wake Lincoln up (so he would actually go to bed at a decent time tonight) and he woke up saying, "jibba do da shewa WHY!?!"  All I could understand was the "why" and it was like he was saying, "why in the world are you making me get up right now?!"  It was SO funny.  First time he's done something like that!

You know what one of the best things about this weekend was?!  My mom finally was able to find my long, lost silverware and steak knives!!!!  They were buried in the back of her pantry for some reason (I think we came to the conclusion it was probably my dad's doing :)  I was so happy to get those back!  We've been without since we moved here in September!  We've been using just random silverware we had left and I did end up buying a couple knives.  I KNEW they had to be somewhere there but it was just a mystery to where they had been put.  Mystery solved.  Thanks to Trey graduating and my mom getting things out of the back of the pantry for graduation! :)

While Tyler and Lincoln slept this afternoon, I got the fire dept. called and found out all we need to have before our fire inspection for the homestudy.  I need to get a couple things in order (like buying a fire extinguisher) and then call them back to schedule it.  We're getting closer!  AND we might get to keep baby J for an over night stay!!!  Needless to say, we're pretty excited about that.

Here are some picture from the weekend, enjoy!

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