Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ten on ten {may}

So I did my first "ten on ten" two months ago and then April 10th came and went and I totally forgot about it and almost forgot about it this month as well but happened to see a post reminding me about it early this morning so I was able to catch it just in time to do this today.  Like back in March, I had a lot of fun capturing our day today.  Also like back in March I wasn't able to do this for 10 consecutive hours but I tried as best as I could.  I had a homestudy visit with our support worker this afternoon from 1-4 so that kinda put a kink in my plans :)

*Quick update on adoption process: Knocked out two more homestudy visits today (one for Tyler and one for me)

So without further adue (is that how you spell that?) I think that's the first time I've ever typed that.....
Ten on ten {may}
8am: Lincoln's lovely bedhead in the morning

9am: We have these ALL over our house and the songs that go 
along with them are imprinted forever in my head....

10am: Dunkin' Donuts that I brought to our church's mom's group.....
I can neither confirm, nor deny that I ate 3 of these....whooops!

12pm: So glad this dandelion isn't growing in my yard

1pm: love that I get to look at this tree out my front window

4pm: Wore a new pair of earrings that I made

4:30: I am loving this book!

5pm:  I have changed WAY too many poopy diapers today

6pm: My bed is already calling my name 
{don't make fun of the pillow on the right, I like me a floppy pillow}

6:30pm: BLT's for supper tonight

7pm: I know this is a super blurry picture but I just love it
Lincoln and Tyler after Tyler got home from work 
{Lincoln's favorite part of the day}

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  1. Looks like a good day.

    I make a turkey bacon BLT with basil and garlic and after seeing your pictures I am totally craving it.

  2. Dunkin donuts and BLTs make any day good!

  3. Now I want a BLT! Love the earrings you made...too cute!