Sunday, May 22, 2011

total random-ness

I have had a wonderful day.  A wonderful day with 3 very special boys.  My hubby, Lincoln and baby J.  We went to church, home for lunch, naps for me and the littles while Tyler went for a run, skyped with my parents, small group with friends, back for supper and now relaxin' on the couch with my man with all our rooms filled with kiddos sleeping peacefully.  My heart is full {and tired but who cares, right?!}  This if our first over night with Mr. J and he gets to play all day with the Linc man and I.  Do I dare try my ability at taking two rambuctious little boys to the post office tomorrow?  I'm guessing it'll be a big fat NO but we'll see how daring I am come morning, hehe.


Watermelon. is. incredible. 

Oh my goodness I could eat watermelon every day if it was in season all year long.  I bought a really good one the other day since they're on sale right now and oh. my. lanta. it is amazing.  I think I ate half the watermelon today, not even kidding.  And my bladder is feelin' it.....definitely well hydrated that's for sure!  Lincoln used to like watermelon but for some reason is starting to become a SUPER picky eater and if it doesn't LOOK appealing to eat then he won't even try it even thought I know he likes it.  crazy kid.  Any advice for a picky eater from all you moms out there?  He used to be so good but now not so much. Maybe it's just a phase, who knows.   


The rooms in our townhouse are so ridiculously different when it comes to temperature.  The set up of the townhouse is a little weird with there being an "upstairs" but the only thing upstairs is a bedroom.  Lincoln's bedroom, like the stairs lead directly to the room, no bathroom not even a small hallway just a room.  Which is great and it's nice and big but there is no actual vent up there.  There is return air (whatever that means) but no vent and so in the winter it was freezing but we had a small heater which kept it warm and now that it's getting warm, it is SO HOT up there!  We have a fan but oh man it's warm.  So since we have two boys tonight and the spare bedroom on the main floor is where baby J is, it's nice and cool.  So J was dressed warm for bed and Lincoln went to bed with a diaper and shorts :)


Tyler tricked me into watching the movie "From Paris With Love" tonight.....all he told me was the title and it sounded like a love story to me...........WRONG.  Have any of you seen it?  It's got John Travolta with a bald head and a goatee (is that how you spell that? weird).  Anyways, NOT a love story and so instead I'm on here writing a lovely post for ya'll.  lucky you. :)


Wanna know what a new fav color combo of mine is?  Aqua and Red.  Be still my heart, it's an amazing combination.  I even made a wreath and new necklace outta those colors.  mmmmmmm..........

     ok so that's enough random-ness for tonight.  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and I for one am excited about the midnight (and 3 am and 6am.....j/k probably just once tonight) feeding with baby J.  Michelle (his foster mom) says it's the only time he cuddles....I've yet to experience cuddles from this sweet boy so I am beyond excited for the lack of sleep and snugglin' up with him and a bottle tonight!

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  1. I love that color combo, too. Have fun with both of your boys today!