Monday, June 6, 2011

I married a WARRIOR!

So my hubby has been known to do some crazy things (like decide to fun a full marathon 3 weeks before the race and then finish the marathon and not only finish but got second in his age group)  Yeah he's crazy good like that.  Anyways, a former classmate of his from his job training asked if he wanted to do this "Warrior Dash."  He asked me what I thought and I (like almost everything else he asks me about) said, "why not?  sounds fun!"  Keep in mind I'm not the one doing these crazy things so I can get away with saying that.  There's no way I would try or even be ABLE to do half the stuff he does. 

So this so called "Warrior Dash" was this past Saturday and it was actually really fun to watch.  I was kinda dreading it (and the 3 hour drive down there) and I wasn't feeling the best but once we got there I really started to enjoy it. 

Here is some info on what a Warrior Dash is:
It's a 3.1 mile "dash" on some of the roughest terrain they can find (Tyler's was mostly uphill) with obstacles to complete throughout the race
Obstacles include jumping over fire, crawling under barbed wire, walking on uneven boards, climbing up and over a cargo net, climbing over logs in a lake, etc.
There are waves of up to 500 people that start the race every 1/2 hour.  Tyler's race started at 5:30pm. 
There are lots of crazy people dressed in all sorts of crazy outfits! (We saw tutus, guys in dress suits, lots of speedos and capes etc)

 There was an area for "spectators" to see two of the obstacles so we waited there for Tyler and Laura to come through.  Lincoln loved watching it all. 

Here Tyler is coming down off of the cargo net

 Tyler and Laura heading to the uneven planks (or at least that's what I named them, don't know what their official name is)

Here they are all muddy after the race. Laura got some mud in her eyes :(

Since we weren't fast enough to get over to the fire jump and the barbed wire mud pit, here are some pictures of those obstacles (obviously it's not Tyler or Laura doing either of these)

Lincoln got to wear daddy's medal

And it wouldn't be a Warrior Dash without eating a huge Turkey leg afterwards!

Lincoln sportin' daddy's Warrior Helmet after the race

We got home late that night but it was a fun day.  It was HOT but thankfully we were there at the end of the day and it cooled off towards the end.  And actually I think next time, I want to try this with Tyler :)  Who knows, I'll probably die but I at least want to try!

And sorry for all the pictures looking the same way lately.  I am just loving what I'm learning about photoshop lightroom!  But my 30 day free trial is almost up.  Sad day, I know.  It'll be a little while before I can purchase this because oh man have you ever looked into how much it costs?!  Well to ME it's mega bucks!  I'm gonna have to start saving my monthly "blow money" from our budget so I can get lightroom because I am totally hooked! 


  1. That race is amazing! I've never heard of something like that.

    And the pics look great!

  2. WOW. that looks crazy! where was it?