Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok so apparently I completely forgot how tired I get when I'm pregnant.  I should've known I was pregnant when I was falling asleep at 8pm every night on the couch!  I've really been pretty lucky and haven't been too sick.  I had a couple days where I was sick and we stayed home and layed around all day but lately my days are just very tired and then I get sick around 8pm-9pm and I get worse as the night goes on.  I don't throw up.  I just have constant nausea and almost wish I could throw up sometimes to get some relief.  Peppermint lifesavers have seriously been my lifesavers! :)  They help ward off the nausea a lot of the time. 

So on days that I'm not feelin' so hot, Lincoln gets to watch lots of "choo choo!" (Lincoln-ese to English translation = Thomas)  He has a new found obsession with trains, or "choo choo's."  I feel horrible that he has watched so much TV but it's just for a phase and hopefully he won't get used to this new "routine!"  

My view from the couch lately....

Lincoln's new sad face.  I ask him if he's sad and I get this face in return.  So cute!  He also throws his hands in the air and yells "HAPPY!" when I ask if he's happy and I still need to get a picture of it but he's got the Macaulay Culkin, hands on the cheeks, screaming look down when I ask if he's scared.  It's adorable if you ask me! :)

He's so sad that we can't go outside to play

And here's our little bambino at 7 weeks 2 days.  I had an early ultrasound because of some spotting early on, my hcg levels weren't doubling like they should (they were still rising by quite a bit but not doubling) and my progesterone was on the low side of normal so Doctor set up an ultrasound and told us not to be overly optimistic.  Basically prepping me for another miscarriage.  Got in there and heard the best sound in the world....a tiny little heartbeat.  135bpm....strong heartbeat.  Amazing. 

I haven't seen my doctor yet and will go next week (I'll be 10 weeks then).  I'll know more about what to expect with my "high risk" status after that appointment.  Please pray that this will be a LONG, healthy and safe pregnancy for both me and the baby.  I have to admit, anxiety has started to creep in a little but God has us both in His hands and is totally in control of this situation and I'm leaning hard on that.  

You'd think I've hit my max with pregnancy problems so hopefully this one with go on normally without a hitch! :)  I'm definitely praying that way at least!


  1. Well, congrats momma! We're also pregnant with baby #2 and are 13 weeks on Thursday! I'll sure be praying for you and this new babe of yours. Hopefully it won't take too much out of you :)

  2. Congratulations! I haven't been on blogger in so long so I had no idea! How exciting! I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and baby!

  3. looks a lot like my first trimester with Lucia! take care of yourself mama!