Tuesday, September 13, 2011

22 weeks

Sorry if these posts are starting to getting monotonous.  I do this for myself more than anything.  I like looking back and seeing what was going on each week etc.  I did this with Lincoln only I wrote it all down in a journal so it's fun to look back and see differences and similarities with each pregnancy.

*Fall is in the air and we've already started our first round of sickies around here.  Just colds but those still take a toll on ya and when the medicines to take with a cold while preggo are slim pickin's that makes it a little worse to.  But don't worry, we will survive :)
*Dr. appt went well this week.  Blood pressure 110/70 woohoo!!
*They are retesting again to see if the strep b is back and if so it looks like I'll be living on antibiotics until 30 weeks....sure hoping it stays under control so that doesn't have to happen.
*Dr. S is sending me to get another ultrasound next week.  Mainly just to check to make sure my cervix is holding up.  My cervix wasn't the problem last pregnancy but want to make sure to cover all our bases since I'm high risk for so many things.  I'm just excited to get to see this little boy again!  Eeek!  The perks of being high risk, you gotta stay positive, right? ;)
*Baby boy's heart rate clocked in at a nice 159 bpm.  It was hard to hear because he was kicking and squirming around so much.  Dr. S said I've got an active one....big surprise - these boys like to take after their high energy dadddy (yes please pray for me!)
*The hips have started widening already - which for me means restless nights already (Tyler is almost ready to go sleep in the guest room because I keep him up all night tossing and turning, sorry honey!)....just getting prepped for baby to get here (a little early but hey I'm not gonna complain!)
*Weight gain = 9lbs
*Still keeping my appointments at every 4 weeks at least one more time, unless I notice my bp getting higher or I start having contractions.

I feel like I haven't said it enough, even though I know you all know how I feel, but I am so blessed.  Each day when I look down at my ever growing belly I thank God for this opportunity and this tiny life He's blessed us with.  I'm trying really hard not to take any moment for granted.  I know just how quickly those moments that you think you will have down the road can be ripped away from you.  So I'm living in the here and now and trying (key word there) to not worry about what the months to come will look like or how long this little guy will bake.

Thank you all who have been praying us through this pregnancy so far.  No matter what happens, God is still good.


  1. beautiful mama...the friesens are praying for a healthy pregnancy! i have confidence in your body to carry your baby to its due date (heck, you can carry it way past your due date like me, just for kicks!) love you <3

  2. Not monotonous at all! I love reading your weekly updates and getting updates on exactly how I can be praying for you and all of the boys in your family. :)