Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Sonogram update

So I had another sonogram this morning and it went REALLY well!
I had the best sonogram-tech EVER.  
She was super nice and didn't seemed annoyed when I asked questions.  
Baby brother (since we still don't have a name, he gets to be called that for now) is looking great. 
He's still a boy! lol.
Weighing in at +/-  1 lb 7oz.  
If I remember correctly, Lincoln was 1 lb 10 oz at 24 weeks.  Both weights are right on track.
Heart beat was 159 bpm.
Plenty of water for him to swim around in.
And swim he did, the tech was getting frustrated because she couldn't get good measurements of him since he was moving around so much.....remind you of anyone else?  :)  Lincoln would do the same thing when they would do non-stress tests for him each day.  Crazy boys!
He was head down and pressing on my extremely full bladder....how rude. :)
Cervix is looking great.  Dr. M was kind enough to use his whole body weight to press on my stomach to make it move or to see how strong it was.....ouch I wanted to cry.  He's such a nice guy (see this post from my last sonogram and you'll see how sarcastic I am being!)
The blood flow through the umbilical cord looks great as well (that's what they monitor for signs of pre-eclampsia)  
Will go back in 6 weeks (at 30 weeks, wow) for another sonogram to check it all again.

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  1. Sooo happy things are going well. Always praying for you friend!