Tuesday, December 13, 2011

felt Christmas tree

So I saw these felt trees all over pinterest and since I feel like I haven't done hardly
anything Christmas-y with Lincoln, and I was headed to Joanns already anyways, 
I thought I'd make one for him to play with and decorate.  
I got lucky and the felt was only $2.99/yard.
I bought 3/4 yard of green felt and 1/4 yard of a couple other colors.  I also had
some here at home to use as well.  

I just used some stick pins to attach it to the wall.
The ornaments, star and presents then just stick to the tree.  
You know like those Sunday school felt boards used to tell the story?
Yep, just like that. 

"Here mommy, you do it"

It'll be fun to pull it out each year.  This way he can decorate his own tree instead of
 "helping" me decorate mine :)

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  1. I love this idea!!!!!!!! i think i will wait until next Christmas for mason, but this is awesome!