Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello, my name is....

Are you ready for this? 
Have I held you all in suspense long enough?
Well with a little help from Pinterest, I have a picture to help me 
with our name annoucement....

We've officially decided on a first name.
Now for the middle name :)
That may take us another 34 weeks.....oh you say I only have 6 weeks left?
How in the world did that happen?!
Well shoot, now we're gonna have to kick it into overdrive!
We've got two that we're choosing between so it shouldn't take too long, right?
Oh that may be a problem.
For those of you who didn't know, 
Tyler and I couldn't agree on a first name.  
See, he liked "Silas."
And I liked "Cruz."
And neither of us was willing to lean to the other's side.
Yes we were both being very stubborn.
I'm pretty sure I would've won, had it come to delivery day though.
He can't watch his wife give birth to another son for him and NOT let her pick the name :)
But that wouldn't be fair.
So we decided to drop both of the names and start from scratch.
We got out the name books again and went through every. single. name.
I said I liked the name Cade and then he suggested Caedmon.
It means, "wise warrior."

This is how wikipedia says the band Caedmon's Call got it's name:

The band's unusual name was inspired by Cædmon, an Anglo-Saxon cow-herd who lived during the 7th century. Legend has it that Caedmon was afraid to sing in public due to a lack of musical talent, and shied away from occasions where he had to sing. After leaving a feast one night because he was too embarrassed to sing, he lay down in the pasture with the cattle to sleep. An angel appeared to him in a dream, calling him to sing. After refusing, he eventually decided to sing and when he did, he sang beautiful verses that had never been heard before, based on the story of creation and using the style of pre-Christian, Anglo-Saxon poetry. Founding band members Cliff, Danielle, and Aaron decided on the name "Caedmon's Call" after all three heard this story during the same week and thought it was fitting.

So how is the clue, "Braveheart" related to this name?
In the final monologue he says, "warrior poet"
Which is a combination of the meaning of Caedmon. 
Yeah you can thank Tyler for that helpful hint :)

Oh and if you haven't figured it out yet, Tyler Jr. wasn't even on the radar.
I just wanted another name for the picture to make it look better :)

So our little man's name is Caedmon.  
We'll probably call him Cade, or Caed.
Hmmmm how to spell it?
It's gaelic, so that explains the weird spelling. 
But I kinda like it :)


  1. LOVE the picture!! Love that you actually did it! Love Pinterest. I have been pinterest-ing this week too!

    I love that you guys pick unique names. I have to say I have never heard of Caedmon, no was that what I would have guessed. Can't wait to hear what you pick for a middle name.

  2. I dig it! And the cute picture to go along with it :) What a cool story to go along with the name. It's all cool! Good luck on the middle name. Took us forever to decide on that one for our babe #2 so I hope you do better than we did ;)

  3. Very exciting! I like that it's a unique name. Now I just can't wait to see pictures of him!

  4. Like it. That was going to be Kinsley's name if she was a boy. Now if you pick the same middle name ...

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture (and the name, of course).

  6. I love the picture, your cute belly, and the name! What great meaning!