Friday, December 30, 2011

{six years}

I know I say this every year but, has it really been 6 years already?!  
I guess times flies when you're havin' fun, right?

These past 6 years have been the best of my life.  It's been quite the adventure to say the least and life has taken us in directions I never could've imagined.  But those things are what have brought us closer together over the years.  I have been so incredibly blessed to marry a man like Tyler.  I saw this print on pinterest and it is so true.
I married a man who I would be incredibly proud if our sons turned out exactly like him.
I pray they do.
They have such an amazing example of what a Godly man looks like.

Now for a walk down memory lane....
December 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Tyler!  Each year just keeps getting better and better and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to spend the rest of my life with!

And just because I love looking at old pictures.....

One of our engagement pictures

Homecoming Dance my Senior year of high school 2003

Honeymoon Cruise January 2006

Christmas 2005

Valentine's Date sometime before we got married, not sure on the year :)

Prom my Senior Year 2004

Right after Tyler proposed: June 2005

Trip to Indonesia August 2008

Halloween 2008 Popeye and Olive Oil

I love living life with you, Tyler! 

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