Sunday, January 15, 2012

caedmon {1 month}

Caedmon Jay {1 month old}
I am so in love with this little man!

*eating every 2-3 hours during the day, 2.5-4 hours at night depending on how lucky I am.  The good thing is, you usually go right back to sleep after a feeding at night so at least I'm not up all night long, just long enough to feed and snuggle you and lay you back down in your bassinet.  

*pretty easy going - you are content just sitting in your swing, carseat or bouncy seat as long as you don't have a gas bubble in your tummy, which you seem to have a LOT of.  Gassy boy!

*like, wait, lets change that to LOVE bath time.  you cry during transition between getting your clothes off/on and the bath but once in the bath you stop crying's so funny!

*hard to burp, or hard to get all your burps.  you've started spitting up more.  

*like your pacifier....we've tried different kinds and have settled on the green soothie one like your brother had.

*possibly have reflux.  all the new spitting up is making me wonder.  I watch to see if it hurts you or not and you're not consistent either way so we'll keep watching to see.

*weight: 7 lbs 7 oz.

*Eat, Wake, Sleep schedule is starting to form.  You're still pretty sleepy all day.

And here are some of the "out takes" from our quick photo shoot....

Ahhhhh!  It's the attack of the giant bear!  Courtesy of big brother, Lincoln :)

Of course Lincoln WANTS his picture taken now...2 weeks ago at an actual photoshoot, he throws a fit......ah the joys of a 2 year old!

I love how Caedmon is looking at Lincoln

Lincoln's thinking, "Put a cork in it, kid! You're too loud!"


  1. Just an FYI...breastfed babies are really gassy...Kayleigh had horrible gas. The mylicon drops worked well and I used them before and after a feeding. She also spit up a lot too...wasn't a lot of volume but it was frequent. I never had her tested for reflux...Shirley said she was fine b/c she was gaining weight.

  2. I find that my diet sometimes gives Jack gas. Watch what you are eating and see if it makes a difference in your little one's gas. Love the pictures, especially with the speech bubbles! So fun. :)