Saturday, January 7, 2012

exploding love.

Before Caedmon was born I 
(like many other moms who are expecting their second child)
wondered what it would be like to have another child.
Will I feel the same overwhelming love for this child like I did my first? 
Will I be able to give enough attention to both my children?

And I now have the answer.  
My love has just exploded all over.
Weird way to say it but it's true.  
I look at Caedmon and just stare at him wondering what life was 
even like without him 3 short weeks ago.  

It already feels like he's always been here.  And I can't imagine life without him.  
My love for my boys has just grown and I often am brought to tears just thinking about
how MUCH I love these boys.  
So much it hurts. 

I am so in love.


  1. Isn't it amazing! Love at it's best! (BTW, I think he looks like Lincoln.)

  2. Hey there, congratulations on your new little guy! He is so cute, and I definitely see Lincoln in him, especially in that third picture. This post made me get a little teary...I think I might have to remember to re-read it if we are blessed with a second someday! :)

  3. My husband and I wondered te exact same thing: How can I love a second child when I've given all my love to our first?
    Love is the only thing that multiplies as it divides :)