Friday, May 25, 2012


lincoln asks to hold caedmon 500 times a day.
enjoy it while you can buddy i'm afraid he's going to outweigh you in a couple months.

my garden box that my sweet hubby made for me.
ready for plants!

the part of the fence he took out to back his truck into the backyard to unload the dirt

just another morning hanging out with my boys

don't worry caedmon was only in the sun like this for 5 minutes.
enough time to get his daily vitamin D and for me to snap a couple pictures

 and then into the shade he goes

turtle sandbox from craigslist: $10
endless hours of playtime: priceless

the duck who has made her nest right outside our front door.

first bath together.
my friend Megan suggested using the bumbo for caedmon.
just have to be careful because it kinda floats
it's a two person job, fyi there was daddy supervision while i
was snappin' pics

"dad, tell him to quit poking me"

scored this awesome spiderman for $0.25 at a garage sale for the linc-man

also found this yellow piece at the same garage sale for my new grey living room.

just a peak into what we've been up to lately.  
hope you all have a great memorial day weekend!

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  1. They make bath seats that suction $25 @ Walmart online. Or I've heard of people finding them for $.10 at garage sales or consignment. I had 3 of them & loved, loved, loved them!! I could do 3 babes at a time with them.