Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Photo Challenge {days 1-15}

Day 1: peace

Day 2: skyline

Day 3: something you wore today

Day 4: fun!
Lincoln exploring the Fire Truck at "Touch a Truck"

Day 5: bird
at the rainforest while at the zoo on a rainy day

Day 6: you
lovely after mowing

Day 7: someone that inspires you
Katie Davis....her book is next on my list.


Day 8: a smell you adore
my squeaky clean baby

Day 9: something you do every day
countless times a day :)

Day 10: a favorite word

Day 11: kitchen

Day 12: something that makes you happy
happy hour at McDonald's....I'm addicted to iced coffees
and now they are only $0.69 from 2-5 each day!

Day 13: mom
so blessed to be their mom

Day 14: grass

Day 15: love
I love him more each day

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