Wednesday, September 5, 2012


major picture overload happening right now.....get ready!

the boys and I were generously given 2 free tickets to fly out and see
my family in KC from some amazing friends of ours.  seriously, I have no idea
how we will ever be able to express our gratitude to it's fullest extent.
it meant so much to be able to go see family and spend so much time with them.
it did my heart good, that's for sure.

so here is a recap of our trip in pictures from my phone...

lovin' all the planes

this is what caedmon did for most of the flight there

and this is what brother did for most of the flight
sorry, no more posts about flying disasters coming your way
anytime soon! :)

playing with Aunt Hope and the kiddos she nanny's for

look who decided to learn how to sit on his own
the 2nd day we were there

all this fun is so tiring

apple crisp from all the apples on mom and dad's apply tree

his face kills me in this one

climbing at Hope and Derek's house

happy hour, a daily thing :)

small town life.....a cute old man drove up in his tractor, parked it, 
and walked into the grocery store.

exploring with Kaely because......"Kaely rocks!!" :)
Lincoln learned that at an early age, as will any other child who
is lucky enough to receive a "Kaely Rocks bib" from this lovely lady

so if you are still with me after all those picture, congrats cause that was probably a record.
you definitely deserve an award after all that! 
but you can tell we had a lot of fun, but the fun's not over yet
cause this is only part 1 of our trip.
I know you are on the edge of your seats waiting for the rest of the pictures.
be patient friends, they are coming :)

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