Monday, September 17, 2012

menu plan monday

planning groceries is always such a big process for me.  I don't know about all of you but it usually takes up most of my Sunday evening.  I get out all the store ads, my coupons, pinterest and sit at the kitchen counter so I'm close to my cupboards in case I have to jump up and see if I have something that a recipe calls for.  It's quite the mess on my counter when I'm done but I always feel really organized afterward and glad I did it.

So as a result of all that, here is what our meals will look like this week...


Chicken milano

Taking this meal to a friend who just had a baby so it's just easiest to make it for us too :)
and I mean it's delicious so any excuse to get to make it, I'm ok with :)


cheesy vegetable chowder
(excited for lots of soups now that it's fall!)


chicken ranch tacos


tuna sandwiches


brocolli and quinoa casserole


probably pizza to eat during the Husker game :)

as always just a snacky supper with our Life Group.  I'm bringing guac and chips (avocados are only $0.49 at Aldi this week!)

So another week planned and I'm excited to eat all this food!
what about you?  what does your menu look like this week?

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  1. We have been in a BAD rut with moving. No good cooking. Maybe I'll have to start just using your menu, let you do all the work for me :)

    What I am working on is typing up a "basics" grocery list. The stuff we buy ALL.THE.TIME. SO I can just cross off what I know we have instead of writing it all out every time. Like TP, milk, string cheese, night diapers, etc. And have it all organized under groupings based on similar products. Dairy, canned, produce, etc. Then I just have to pick my meals & add in their ingredients into the section they fit.

    I have big aspirations in our new kitchen-desk area for a whole price match, couponing station. But for now, its still boxes & clutter.