Wednesday, October 3, 2012

silly shopping buddy

have you ever wondered what Lincoln does while we grocery shop?
I'm sure you all have wondered that at some point in his lifetime {read with sarcasm}
well here is a glimpse into my silly boys time spent in the grocery cart
while mom rushes through the store before one or both boys decide enough is enough.

the itouch that I usually bring for him to play games on was dead
so he got my iphone for this trip, without me knowing it he figured out the camera
and this is what I got {well 9 of the 200 he took!}
and as you can tell he had pushed the button that turns the camera around 
so he could see what he looked like while taking these :)

so while I'm busy calculating the best price per ounce for pasta sauce
this is what he is doing...

needless to say, these CRACK. ME. UP.
Things like this make up for the hard days :)

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