Saturday, December 15, 2012

Caedmon is ONE

My sweet little boy.  It has been one full year since you joined our family.  Longer than a year since I've known you but one year since you were placed in my arms.  My boy.  My second boy.  You surprised us all by coming a month early but have done beautifully and nothing about that has slowed you down.

God knew (of course he did) that we needed another little boy in our family and you fit that role
perfectly.  I pray you and Lincoln will grow up being best buds.  

We are so blessed by this year and will be extremely grateful for each day
we get with you, our son.  We know we are not promised tomorrow and will
cherish each day, each hour soaking in every bit of you that we can.

Being a second time mom has been so much easier.  Partly because you were/are a super easy 
and laid back baby.  I don't even have to entertain you like I had to Lincoln.  You have your own built in entertainer ie. Lincoln.  He's doesn't always appreciate his role or that you follow him everywhere and I foresee using my mom's line from my childhood to my sister and I "God made you sisters brothers for a reason" :)  I always hated it when she said that.  But after all that fighting we are now best friends.  

If you had it your way you would be attached to my hip 24/7.  Seriously kiddo you are 
a mama's boy (and I really secretly love it).  But lately you have finally realized you have a dad too.  He was the first one that you waved to.  You were so excited when he got home from work and waved excitedly to him from your high chair.  Sweetest sight.  

You are busy.  That's all there is to it.  This age is just a busy age.  Curiosity lends itself to constant
moving and exploring.  Something that wears me out but I know it's only for a season and then I'l be missing it (or not) haha.

As these pictures show you have this thing with you tongue.  You stick it out quite often and always to the side like that.  Silly boy I love your little quirks and seeing little bits of your personality shine through as you get older.

You will be walking before I know it and then running, going to school and graduating. 
Yes it will go that fast.  I'm bracing myself.  

You won't remember this but I'm doing something I swore I would NEVER do since you have
a december birthday.  I'm combining it with Christmas -gasp!- But there is a reason.  The reason is family.  Good enough reason?  You get two parties this way!  One with Daddy's side and one with mommy's side.  So really in the end you win :)

Grandma Hunni got to give you your first birthday present.  
what is the paper stuff?

I think your brother thinks it's his.  Don't worry I'll defend it for you.
He only pushed you off once.  Watching your brother get gifts for the first time and you 
don't get any is hard, but it'll get easier.  It was good for him.  

and just for my reference:
-you cruise everywhere and will stand alone occasionally.
-you are completely switched over to whole milk.  Thankfully that was an easy transition!  now to switch you from bottles to a sippy cup.....and the hunt continues for the perfect one :)
-you aren't afraid to surprise attack your brother.  It's quite fun to watch actually.  Lincoln doesn't find as much humor in it though.
-You stand on your own here and there and accidentally took one step yesterday :)
-you scarf down any kind of food that's put in front of you.
-you go to bed around 6pm every night.  No that's not a typo.  You seriously love your sleep.  And you usually wake up around 7-8am everyday.  Yes that's 13-14 hours STRAIGHT that you sleep every night.  It's a tough job trying to keep you awake long enough so daddy can see you each night, but it's worth it.
-{will update more after your 1 year check up on Tuesday}

and just because I love to look back...

Happy 1st Birthday Caedmon Jay.  I love you to the moon and back!


  1. How is he 1!? Happy Birthday ,little man! Great pics too!

  2. What a precious little boy.
    I love all of the photos and your ideas!

  3. I love these pics! Gorgeous family!