Wednesday, January 9, 2013

She Reads Truth


She Read Truth.

Have you heard of it?  If you frequent the blogger world much you probably have.  I had heard other bloggers who were raving about this bible reading plan that they were doing and a blog that they were following along with it.  It seemed a little daunting to me to figure out because I had to find a plan on my phone's bible app, look up this website and join the plan.  I just didn't quite get what it all was.  So I finally just went to the website and followed the instructions and you know what?  It took 5 minutes.  Yep.  That daunting task?  Was so simple.  

So what is "She Reads Truth?"  It's a bible reading plan that also has a daily devotional for each and every day.  All ready and waiting for you to push one button on your phone and reading through the devotional and bible reading for the day.  Then you can write down in a journal what you're learning and get involved in the discussion going on on their blog,  

So your ready to buckle down the try this?  Here's how:

Here are the instructions straight from the "She Reads Truth" website.  

  • Download the YouVersion app on your smart phone.  Don’t have a smart phone? Create a login via your web browser.
  • After creating an account, go to the Plans section + search “She Reads Truth” to find our new Advent study, then click “Start This Plan“.
  • Alternately, you can also sign up in the box below to have the devotional delivered directly to your inbox from our site every morning.
  • Check the blog or twitter to find out which day we are currently on and to participate in discussion with the community. (The comment section of each day’s post is the best place to discuss what we’re learning together, to ask questions and to encourage one another.)
  • As you read during the week, keep a journal.  Write down a few thoughts that struck you.  What is God revealing to you?  What phrase just. keeps. sticking? Write out prayers to him using your own words or using Scripture.
  • Take a picture and share it on instagram or twitter.  Tell us about what you’ve learned.  Tell us how the Word is changing you. Challenge us!  Inspire us. Connect with others all over the world as we are unified through His scripture.
  • Make a dent in the universe.  For Him.

  • She Reads Truth is for you if 

    you are in a rut and want a new type of daily devo.

    you want something easy.

    you want to start reading the bible.

    you're new to reading the bible and want some direction.

    you want a community of women to discuss with.

    basically She Reads Truth is for every woman out there and you should REALLY check it out.  

    I love, love, love it.  

    Here's an excerpt from my devo today:
    "God didn't just leave us with our plate of Brussels sprouts, that Adam ordered for all of us, to heap on our plates, family style.  God had a plan to rescue us.  To win us back to His sweet table.  And that plan, was a Second Adam.  But this Adam was perfect and faultless.  This Adam was His Son, sent as a Man, just like Adam, to undo what Adam had done.  What you and I have done.  To resurrect us in a way that Adam never could.  This Adam was the last Adam the world would ever need. (1 Cor. 15.45)"

    So what are you waiting for?  Go download YouVersion right now.  Go.  


    1. I'm glad you did this. Would you mind if I copied this?
      I tell everyone about she reads truth but then they forget , it would be great to post about it.