Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm gonna be an AUNT!!!

I am so so so stinkin' excited to share the news finally!
My little sister is pregnant!!

Lincoln and Caedmon are super excited to have a little cousin
and Tyler and I are so thrilled to be bumped up to "uncle and aunt" status!  

Lincoln and Caedmon are the first grandkids on both sides of the family so this will be their 
first cousin and this is my first time being an aunt!  I can't wait!

Seriously.  August 27th can't get here fast enough so I can snuggle and love on that
precious little niece or nephew of mine!!

oh man and listening to the beating heart of a baby inside mommy's 
tummy never gets old.  Here is that sweet, sweet sound of my niece or nephew!

Congrats again to Hope and Derek!!!

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