Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If you missed our "little" announcement last week, we are expecting!  And yes we are STILL adoptiong :)  I'm due October 17th (which makes me 11 weeks currently) and I'm quite miserable.  Which is such a good sign that things are going well.  Lots of hormones making me feel awful.  Such a interesting way to feel comfort.  Sick = good.  Completely backwards to our normal thinking.  It's all so worth it though.

I'm guessing you all have some questions so I'm here to give you a list of FAQ's :)

What does this mean for your adoption?

Very good question.  We had JUST started the process of deciding which country to adopt from and raising money.  So we are still moving forward with both of those things.  My Origami Owl business is slowing taking off and I'm, little by little, tucking away funds for our sweet child.  So if you feel led to donate, we are gladly accepting donations.  And we are inching closer to deciding on a country.  We are still waiting on hearing a little more info on two select countries.  Once we deicide on the country then I will continue to do research for a great agency to go through.  Since I've been feeling so sick and tired the past 2 months, I haven't had the energy to get off the couch let alone do research for adoption.  And since we have a reason for it to move a little slower, I'm fine with the process taking longer right now.  Ask me that in 2 years or so when we are still waiting (which is very likely).

How far apart will Caedmon and the new baby be?

22 months if I make it to my due date.  21 months if this baby follows Caedmon's footsteps and 20 months if he/she decides to be like Lincoln :)  But hopefully not any closer than 20 months.

Since you had a "fairly normal" pregnancy with Caedmon does that essentially wipe your slate clean from any and all high risk factors?

Unfortunately no.  I was hoping I was in the clear but it seems like my risk percentages haven't decreased.  I still have about a 25% risk of getting pre e and about 10% chance of getting heelp again.  BUT I had those same risk factors with Caedmon and didn't get either so I'm not going to waste any time worrying about it.  Found out an interesting tidbit about pre e though.  Dr S was telling me that new research is showing that it might have something to do with how close genetically my child is to me.  Studies are showing that if a child is closer, genetically, to me than to my husband than it can cause problems with the placenta which then in turn releases "something" into my blood stream causing blood pressure to go up and the beginning of pre e.  This was interesting to me because look at my two kiddos

Caedmon = looks more like Tyler

Lincoln = looks more like me
hmmmm and which child caused all types of problems for me?  the one who looks like me!  connection?  So I guess I'm praying for another child that looks more like Tyler :)  One pregnancy problem causing child is enough!

Do you think it'll be a girl this time?

Ha, that's so funny.  I'm already convinced that we only have boys so bring it on!  I love my boys and would be so blessed to have another one.  Lincoln is already convinced that it's a boy.  He'll call for me in the other room and say, "Hey mom!  can you come here?  oh and bring that baby boy with you!"

And when I have the energy, I'll start taking belly pictures.

here are a couple pictures from our Easter weekend.  We spent it here, missed our families but were blessed with friends who took us in for an Easter feast :)

That's all for now!


  1. So sorry you are feeling crappy... at 22 weeks I am still sick!

  2. congrats! i guess i read the first post wrong. i thought you were adopting twins. leave it to my sleep deprived brain to come to that conclusion. :) you should make sure you enter my giveaways! there are some really cute baby items i know you would love: blankets, leggings, belts, moccasins! I hope you get to feeling better. :)



  3. love that pic of the boys dressed in their Sunday best! we will keep praying for you guys and your pregnancy and adoption!

  4. so interesting about the pre e!! totally makes since for me too. i was induced at 39 weeks with merrick due to the onset of pre e and she is definitely my little mini.

    congrats on your expanding family!! wishing you a healthy, full term pregnancy and a successful adoption.

  5. What exciting news for your family! I was blown away with joy for you all! AWESOME pic of your boys for Easter!

  6. Congratulations!