Monday, September 2, 2013

{33 weeks}

33 weeks 4 days

Symptoms:  still lots of braxton hicks contractions.  I've stopped timing them but I have at least 4-5 every hour.  Just tight, for the most part.  Some have started to hurt a little but nothing comes from it.  Lots of cramping and back aches.  Some days it feels like I have a constant contraction all day.....just right all. day. long.
Weight: 27 lbs

Movement: baby boy is constantly on the move.  He is currently digging his elbow into my pelvis.  

Sleep: Still sleeping okay.  I wake up with sore hips but that's nothing new.  

Cravings/aversions/eating: Craved candy this week.  Came home one day with sour patch kids, laffy taffy and peanut butter m&m's.  My child is going to be born addicted to sugar....  

Clothes:  mostly maxi skirts and some gaucho pants with maternity shirts which are starting to get a little short.

Random: Everything is still looking good.  I'm measuring "big" which is good that little man is a little bigger than normal in case he does want to come early.  We are finally getting everything together around here in preparation for baby brother.  I kinda freaked out last week and went to Target on a "baby run."  We didn't have ANY newborn or size 1 diapers so I bought "a" box of newborn, diaper genie refills, binkies, wipes, etc.  Should probably go back for some more diapers. I need to rearrange our budget again to accomodate two kiddos in diapers :)  Pulled the infant carseat out (thankfully it isn't expired yet!) but man it was badly stained.  My mom-in-law was here this weekend and she brought along her new norwex cleaning clothes and used one of them to scrub out those stains and it worked great!  (might have to check into buying those for myself!)  Got out all the baby clothes (preemie-3 months just to cover all my bases!) washed and put away.  Now to just pack my hospital bag :)  I've never had one packed, but at least this time I have some stuff at least laid out and ready to go.  


  1. You look fantastic! Great update :)

  2. This was posted almost a week ago, meaning you've got to be 34 3/7 today! Yay! HUGE milestones from here on out. Keep it up!! What gestation was Caedmon again? 35 ?/7.