Thursday, September 19, 2013

{36 weeks!}

And I've offically broken a record!  I've never seen week 36 in a pregnancy and I'm still kind of in shock that we've made it this far.  What with all the contractions and such taking me to the hospital multiple times.

{will post a belly picture soon!}

Symptoms:  Just the usual.  Contractions, pressure and cramps.  Same ole, same ole. Still 80% effaced and 1 cm so no change with all that. 
Weight: 30 lbs

Movement: Oh man he is becoming stronger and stronger with his kicks.  They've gotten to the point where some of them hurt.  I've never been this pregnant before so I've never experienced that.  He's mostly set in one position so all his kicks are directed to the right side of my belly.  I can feel his little foot with my hand and I just gently push him back in there (I'm sure I just completely weirded out Kelsey) :)  Sorry dude, no stretching until your are on the outside!  

Sleep: I'm super, super tired lately.  Usually falling asleep on the couch during the boys' naptime.  I'm sleeping decently at night, it just gets to be a hassle to turn over, not only because I'm as big as a whale but because I use 4-5 pillows and I have to move them all anytime I change positions.  

Cravings/aversions/eating: fruit and savory foods.

Clothes:  you can bet I'm gonna be living in yoga pants for the rest of this pregnancy :)  

Random: Still measuring a couple weeks ahead at my appointments so baby boy is getting big!  I think it'd be safe for me to pack up all the preemie clothes that I had gotten out.  :)  

I just need to keep this boy baking until after tomorrow.  My cleaning lady comes tomorrow (thanks mom!) and I'm so excited to have this house super deep cleaned!!  Now to just clean it today so that she can clean it tomorrow.  And by me cleaning it I just mean picking up all the toys and clearing off the counters so that she can actually clean :)  

We have a pretty jam packed weekend.  Myself and two other girls are doing an event all weekend for Origami Owl, Tyler is signed up to help out at a "Touch a Truck" event on Saturday, the Avon resale is this weekend and I'm hoping to make it.  Lincoln needs some winter clothes and shoes.  

My mom is scheduled to fly in next Tuesday!  We are so excited!  And my dad will be in the area again for work next Thursday/Friday so if baby boy wanted to come Wednesday or Thursday of next week that would work out just perfectly.  He'd be FULL TERM (what's that?!?!) and get to see both grandma and papa jay right away.  Otherwise it might be awhile before my dad gets to meet him.  But all in God's perfect timing.  

Oh and one last thing.  I'm taking the rest of September and all of October for maternity leave for Origami Owl.  If you are wanting to place an order, don't worry!  I'm still taking any and all online orders from my website or if you email it to me I can get it placed as well.  I'm just not doing any parties or events until November.  SOOOOO if you are wanting to get a jump start on your Christmas list, I'm running a Maternity Leave Special!  Or if you want to get a party booked for November or December (in home or online) contact me now so we can get it in the books!

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