Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Here we go, go, go, go!

....on an adventure! (yes I'm quoting Cat in the Hat) That is what my fills my days so that is what I have to draw from for inspiring titles for blog posts.  It's my fun filled life with preschool aged children.  I love it.  We love it.  We love it so much that we are adding another one to our family!  And I'm not pregnant :)  We are finally (you know, only 18 months and 1 baby later!) starting our adoption! 

So since we are starting I thought I'd update you all on the progress and changes that we've made since announcing that we were adopting a year a a half ago.  Last January we had decided to move forward and start an international adoption.  Shortly after, surprise! I was pregnant with baby boy number 3 and so everything on the adoption front got put on hold.  We were originally going to adopt from the Philippines.  But after Dietrich joined our family we learned that because of the rules that the Philippines has in place, having 3 kiddos already was going to make that difficult.  So we started looking into other countries and agencies.  We didn't qualify for many (for example we both have to be over the age of 30 to adopt from China, and I'm only 28), or others Tyler couldn't go to because of certain things.....so long story short we are now moving ahead with a domestic adoption!

It's funny how God leads to to where you are supposed to be.  It was closed door after closed door until we finally found one open :)  Just like in other countries there is a huge need for adoption here in the US.  Domestic adoption, for those who aren't familiar means that we will be filling out a family profile for birth mothers to look at and will wait to be chosen by a birth mother. 

We chose an agency that's about 2 hours away from here, which was recommended by a friend and so far are really loving this agency.  We did our initial inquiry to be accepted by the agency and finished filling out the application last night and mailed it today with our first payment ($350), yikes!

At the post office, mailing our first round of paperwork!

That part of the process is going to be a real faith builder for both me and Tyler. Our mindset with money is if you don't have it all, don't spend it.  We save until we have the full amount before we buy something.  So to have this huge amount of money that we are going to need (at least $22,895) and we only have $7,000 of it saved/raised, is completely against what we are used to.  But I know my God and I know His heart for the fatherless and adoption.  And I've seen story after story of how He has provided money, sometimes no sooner than the night before it's needed to pay for the next step.  So I know He will provide, one way or another. 

So I'm starting to try and figure out ways I can make some extra income (I've taken a little break but am now starting up Origami Owl again, so if you want to help out and wear pretty jewelry at the same time go shop at mariesdesigns.origamiowl.com) and fund-raiser ideas.  My sister in law has offered to do a Pampered Chef fund-raiser and I'm going to get a garage sale put together to do before the end of the summer but any other ideas are welcome if you have ideas to share! :)

That's our quick update of where we are right now.  We are so excited to finally get started and really anxious to see how God builds our family through adoption! 

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  1. My cousin is currently going through the process of domestic adoption here in Indiana. Her and her husband have started different fundraisers and such. It may be nice for you two to follow each other's blogs! :)